Buy Prepaid Electricity


Make yourself independent of basic fees, fixed deductions and payment dates, with electricity from EnergieRevolte. Simply buy your electricity online, exactly when you need it. Find your price now and buy prepaid electricity!


Acceptance stop!

Unfortunately, due to the turbulent price development on the energy market, we are currently unable to accept any new customers.
It is still unclear how long the acceptance stop will last. We'll keep you posted here.


Maximum flexibility

Pay how it suits you. It is your decision alone, when and how much electricity you buy! There are no fixed deductions or payment dates.

12 months price guarantee

Energy prices are rising? Not for you! We guarantee, that your electricity price will remain stable for 12 months.

Absolutely transparent

Keep your power consumption under control! With our app you can track how much energy you are using on a daily basis.

No additional payments anymore

You pay your electricity credit directly when you make your purchase. So you always have a close eye on your electricity costs and never have to tremble in front of the annual bill again!

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Check tariff and register

Enter your zip code into our electricity calculator. Is the EnergieRevolte available in your region? Then fill in the data, send the registration, done!

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Get an appointment to change the meter

We cancel your old contracts. Once this is done, we will make an appointment with you to change the meter.

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Charge and consume!

With our app you can easily buy prepaid electricity and keep an eye on your costs. Put an end to unexpected additional costs!

Known from TV and print media:

The electricity revolution has begun – secure your flexible prepaid electricity now!

Prepaid electricity for everyone!

For whom is it worth buying prepaid electricity?

Whether you live alone, as a couple or in larger company. Prepaid electricity has its advantages for every situation in life.


Prepaid-Strom kaufen für Singles, junge Frau, So flexibel wie du!

 Prepaid electricity for Singles

You alone decide – about your electricity, too!

Maybe freedom is important to you or you haven't found the right partner yet. Anyway – at the moment you are free to design your life as you like! We offer you electricity at the same conditions: Absolute flexibility, no basic fee – full control. You can buy our prepaid electricity very flexibly. If you need electricity, you take it, if you're on the go, you don't pay anything. You decide when and how much you buy. If it runs out, you can recharge anytime, anywhere. It couldn't be easier.

Your advantages:
  • Only buy as much electricity as you need.
  • No monthly basic fee.

Prepaid electricity for couples & small shared flats

Independent together – with electricity, too!

A chilled apartment for two. It doesn't matter whether you live with the love of your life or your best friend - you give yourself space. And that's exactly what your electricity provider should do. With EnergieRevolte flex you simply buy as much prepaid electricity as you need – whenever you want, online. If one of you is on holiday alone, it can be a little less. So you only ever pay for what you actually use. And when you're leaving for a trip around the world together, the meter just stays dry.

Deine Vorteile:
  • Full cost control.
  • Optimizes your power consumption by up to 20%.
  • Maximum flexibility.
Prepaid-Strom kaufen für junge Paare und WGs, junges Paar, Schluss mit Nachzahlungen!
Prepaid-Strom kaufen für junge Familien, 100 % Ökostrom

Prepaid electricity for families & shared flats

Our power for the whole gang!

Are you three, four or five? Children, grandma, grandpa...? Or a bunch of really good friends? Then start an energy revolt together! No more annoying deductions, no fixed payment dates, no additional payments. Simply buy prepaid electricity, use energy according to your own needs and only recharge when it has been used up. You have full cost control at all times and, above all, you can see whether electricity is wasted or used consciously. Because right now, climate protection somehow concerns us all, right?

Your advantages:
  • Full cost control.
  • No additional payments.
  • 100 % ecological


In a personal telephone call we will advise you on all aspects of your prepaid electricity and answer all your questions.
Arrange a free callback appointment with us now!




Icon Blitz mit Stromkabel

We will notify you by push message or email in good time before your credit is used up. You still have enough time to charge in time. Outside of our business hours, our metre will not deactivate even if the credit has been used up.

In order to receive prepaid electricity from EnergieRevolte, you need a special prepaid meter. This meter can receive and send information via radio signals. This function is necessary so that the electricity credit you bought online can be transferred to your meter and you can monitor your consumption.

Since your standard meter usually cannot receive or transmit data, it is unfortunately not possible to buy prepaid electricity with it.

No, the installation of our meter is free of charge for you.

No, as a tenant and so-called connection user, you can decide for yourself who makes your meter available to you.

Yes, our electricity is certified green hydroelectric power produced in Norway.